We are an NGO based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan-India aiming at transforming every individual in the society in order to effect positive, deep-rooted, reinforcing change in our environments. GROW is committed to making this planet a better place to live in.

As a charitable society our means of effecting change is unique: we believe that while laws and institutions can address social problems as symptoms of a disease, treatment of the disease itself has to cleanse the system of its impurities. A sharp mind, healthy constitution and a soul at peace with the surroundings is best equipped to effect positive change.

 On recognizing a need, we effect change the best way we can. We campaign for the rights of  the destitute, disabled, elderly, women and children and other vulnerable classes of people. We protect the environment and promote our rich culture and heritage. The scope of development issues we are engaged in span across education, tribal welfare, urban development and enabling access to health and sanitation facilities and rural development.


§  Advocacy

§  Building awareness

§  Water security

 § Sustainable development 

§  Engage in inter-disciplinary research

§  Conceptualise channels through which information can be collected

§  Evolve solutions based on the research

§  Evaluate the impact of a measure/program

 GROW engages in interdisciplinary research to identify the varied causes of a social problem, and evolves innovative approaches to formulate solutions to address the issue. GROW actively engages with civil society organizations to ensure that these solutions attain fruition.

We proactively identify priorities which warrant our involvement in our country and approach problems after devising a sound solution based on research and stakeholder consultations. Our linkages with government officials, research-institutions, not-for-profit organizations, self-help groups, academic institutions, funding organizations, and the industry support our projects and activities and increase aid-effectiveness.


Our Project